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The desire not to be forgotten was his frequent thought, without realizing that he had built from nothing, a reality that would have represented his figure, his perseverance and his foresight over time.
Silvio Alhadeff, also thanks to the support of a great woman like Denise, his tireless companion in the care of the family, has left not only an indelible memory to us children and relatives, but also an objective sign of how, from nowhere and after a lifetime certainly easy, we can leave a legacy of fairness, commercial elegance and transparency that serve as an example to those who continue the path he has undertaken. To him, to the whole family and to the people of our company who for years have given us their support, we must acknowledge the merit of having carried on his philosophy, his “creed”, summarized in the thought that everyone is the author of their own future.

60 years have passed since the company’s “first steps” and Uragme is always in healthy and young hands, with a renewed spirit and a heritage based on its collaborators, suppliers and customers who, over time, have continued to strengthen their trust in the company.
We do not know what tomorrow will bring, but we are aware of knowing how to face it to the best of our ability and with a spirit that is always constructive, with humility and tenacity.
Our hope is that other descendants of the Alhadeff-Bologna family can successfully celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Uragme. We will be happy and proud in that moment, and all morally present.